What Type of Nashville
Bachelorette Are You?

Planning your Nashville bachelorette getaway? We’ve got 36 can’t-miss locations that have to be included on your itinerary.

Ah, Nashville: the heartland of country music, honky tonks, and a style of chicken known only as “hot.”

We’re the Athens of the South, the Music City, the place where dreams come true. We’re also one of the most popular destinations in the country for bachelorette parties.

Whether you want to suit up in rhinestone boots and cutoffs to do the “Boot-Scootin’ Boogie,” or you just want to enjoy a $14 drink in peace, Nashville is your paradise.

Which  Nashville hot-spots should be must-sees during your Music City bachelorette party? Find out now by taking our highly-scientific quiz.

Once you finish the quiz, make sure to download our 36 Can’t-Miss Destinations for Your Nashville Bachelorette party  (tailored for your quiz results) to help you plan your perfect bridal bash in Nashville! Inside, you’ll find Nashville’s best spots for dancing, dinner, drinks, and even brunch for the morning-after.

We’ve covered all the bases; all you have to do is pick your favorite locations and build out your party’s agenda. In addition to the best spots around town, it’s important to have the best transportation. You’ll even get a coupon for up to $200 off your bachelorette party transportation package to carry  you in style to these locations.


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We want you to get the absolute most out of your Nashville bachelorette party! That’s why we’ve created an in-depth guide for bachelorettes of every taste and type.