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Your Guide to Nashville’s BNA Airport

Nashville, like any other city, can be a bit intimidating for those who haven’t visited before. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Music City, or you’ve lived here for years, you’ve probably had experiences with Nashville’s International Airport. Whether it was a confusing route to get there, a long walk to your terminal or too long a wait at security, airports have ways of leaving bad tastes in our mouths and making us dread the day we have to fly again. We’re always hoping to find an airport that can change our opinion on the overall airport experience. Fortunately, we know BNA pretty well, and we’ve compiled a few easy tips for making your experience easier and more enjoyable. So the next time you want to visit Nashville and pass through BNA, keep these pieces of advice in mind.

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3 Work Tasks You Can’t Complete in an Airport Shuttle

People who find themselves traveling for business a lot understand the importance of a streamlined airport experience. From the moment you board the plane to the moment you snatch your luggage off the carousel and make your way to passenger pickup, your schedule demands little wasted time and constant movement from one place to the other. Unfortunately, in most airports, you’re going to find yourself wasting some of that precious time doing, essentially, nothing at all.

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How to Bypass Nashville Airport Parking

Nashville is a city full of moving and shaking, culture and business. For this reason, many a businessperson has found themselves passing through Music City for a meeting, seminar or important client dinner. Those who travel for business on a regular basis know the importance of having a clear schedule and a streamlined process for getting into and out of the airport. Unfortunately, plenty of obstacles stand in the way of this streamlined process, including worrying over the inconvenience and cost of airport parking.

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4 Things You Need to Know About the Nashville International Airport

Established in 1937, Nashville International Airport’s original name was Berry Field (its airport code is short for Berry Field NAshville). Nashville BNA ranks as the 34th busiest airport in the United States. So while it’s not as large or as busy as airports like Chicago O’ Hare or La Guardia, being in an unfamiliar airport is always confusing. To help you navigate BNA, we’ve written a brief guide to the Nashville International Airport:

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