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Why Tech Is One of the Hottest Nashville Trends

You’ve heard us preach on Nashville trends before: great music, great food, great city, etc. Here’s another one that makes Music City a hot commodity: Nashville’s tech scene is on the rise. With a thriving economy, an influx of people moving in and new businesses popping up, the city has a growing need for technological talent. But what specifically makes Nashville so tech-friendly? We’ve listed out some of the main factors below.

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5 Ways to Empower Your Employees

There can be a couple of causes for an employee’s apathy about their workplace. It could be that they consider the job just a placeholder until they get the career they really want. Or, it could be that the company doesn’t encourage them to learn and take ownership of what they’re doing. The former can be avoided by making good hiring decisions and gauging a job applicant’s passion for the role. But what to do about the latter? Read on for five ways that you can empower your employees so that they’re excited about their work.

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7 Gift Ideas for Administrative Professional’s Week

Admins are often the unsung heroes of the office. They know where everything is, they know how everything needs to be done and they keep things running smoothly when they would otherwise fall apart. Yet they often don’t get thanked enough for what they do. With Administrative Professionals’ Week (April 20-26) coming up, you have the perfect opportunity to show your admin your gratitude. Here’s a list of seven gifts to give her, ranging from car service to a bottle of vino.

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Managing Your Office from the Road

When you’re out of the office for a few days, it’s good to have a plan for keeping in touch with the office beyond the occasional call or email. Luckily, technology makes managing the office easy. So does a little planning ahead of time with your employees or executive assistant. Our five tips for managing the office from the road, whether you’re sitting in your hotel room or taking a Nashville limo to a meeting, will make it easier to make sure your office runs smoothly when you are away.

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Reach Corporate Giants with Nashville Airport Car Service

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, Nashville can expect to see a large amount of business growth in the coming years. However, the city has already served as the home for some of the largest corporations for some time now. The headquarters for these corporate giants attract many business travelers to Nashville for large events, new job openings, and corporate meetings. The easily navigated metropolitan area makes the area a perfect destination for travelers to use Nashville airport car service. Compiled here are some of the biggest companies headquartered in Nashville.

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Beat the Heat: Staying Cool in Suits

Professionals get the short end of the stick when it comes to summer wear. Not only are they stuck in the same business clothes that they wear during the cooler months, but there’s little room to wiggle when it comes to waffling on business attire standards. No exposed feet or heels, no short sleeves, no shorts, and before you know it, you’ve got one seriously miserable business person in a heavy wool suit. The secret to staying cool during the summer, even if your job demands the same attire and professionalism from your dress? Go shopping, of course. We’ve got a list of ways to keep your professional image without sacrificing your personal comfort this summer.

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