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5 Spots for a Romantic Nashville Valentine’s Day

Do you and your loved one find yourselves going to the same old spots over and over during date night? If so, it may be time for you to experience something new. Below is a list of fun and romantic spots for a Nashville date night. To add to the novelty, why not book a Nashville car service to get you there? It will make the evening even more special, and the two of you may just find your new favorite spot in the city.

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5 Rising Nashville Fashion Designers

Nashville’s come into the national spotlight over the years for being a haven for musicians, foodies and young professionals. What some people may be surprised to learn, however, is that the city is also has an impressive share of clothing designers. From the trendy boutiques dotting the city to the annual Fashion Week taking place every spring, Nashville’s fashion world is constantly buzzing. To give its sartorial superstars their share of the limelight, here’s a list of the some people to watch in Nashville’s fashion scene, courtesy of Fashionista writer Laura Sherman.

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Why Nashville is Having More Than a Moment

Nashville has been enjoying a lot of buzz lately, from articles espousing the many joys of the city to its spreading reputation as one of the culinary centers of the South. Music City has also enjoyed an influx of famous residents, from music stars to movie stars and more. The city is also the eponymous star of a hugely popular primetime television show, boasts tons of amazing nightlife, and offers a variety local restaurants that make waves with everyone that sits down to dinner. It takes more than just a few good qualities to make a city a true mainstay on the cultural radar of the country. Here’s why Nashville has what it takes.

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Keeping Fit in Nashville

Whether you’re a Nashville resident or visiting Music City, you probably find value in knowing where to get and stay in shape. Many residents already have memberships to local gyms, but visitors may not have such access. We’ve got a list of the best places in Nashville to work on your physique, from gyms to hiking trails. The most important thing is that you simply take advantage of what’s available.

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