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The 6 Funnest Things to Do on Broadway in Nashville

To experience the country music history that Nashville is so famous for, look no further than Broadway, the strip that dissects its downtown area. Lined with honky-tonks and restaurants, Broadway is the go-to spot for many tourists. But since there are so many businesses to choose from, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. To help you choose, here’s a list of the top places to visit on Broadway with your Nashville limo. This should keep you from suffering honky-tonk overload.

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5 Venues for Ladies’ Night in Nashville

Between work, errands and hobbies, it can be difficult to have a ladies’ night. After all, coordinating at least six different schedules to line up at once is no small feat. But being with friends can be a great stress-reliever, as well as a source for great memories—especially if you all do something a little out of the ordinary. For instance, you could hire a Nashville limo to bring you to one of the following fine locations.

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Nashville Living: Top Dive Bars in the City

Sometimes, you may find yourself just wanting to spend an hour shooting the breeze with a friend over a beer. Or maybe you’re entertaining a client who really enjoys relaxing at a dive bar after a day full of budget reports and boardroom meetings. Whatever the case may be, you can visit one of the five dive bars listed below for cheap beer, good music and a whole lot of soul. Familiarize yourself with these spots, and you'll have Nashville living down pat.

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Why East Nashville is Worth a Second Look

Not that long ago, East Nashville was among the least appetizing areas of Nashville, for both visitors and potential residents to explore. Luckily, much has changed in the past few years, and new businesses and vibrant residents have moved into East Nashville and transformed it into the burgeoning cultural gem it is today. Many people don’t realize, however, just how charming East Nashville has become. Whether you’re visiting for fun or are shopping around for potential homes in Music City, East Nashville is definitely worth a second look. From the businesses to the shops to the culture, there are plenty of reasons to give East Nashville a chance. Here are a few of our favorite things about East Nashville.

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Where the Stars Drink in Music City

Nashville is quickly becoming a mini-Hollywood for all of the celebrities who have either moved here recently or lived here for years. The city does offer a little bit of everything when it comes to urban pleasures combined with down-home accessibility, so it’s easy to see why it’s a celebrity’s best friend. If you’re like us, some nights just call for a good celebrity encounter, enjoying a toast with your favorite country musician or buying a drink for the underground guitar player you’ve been listening to for years. Nashville has plenty of watering holes where our most famous residents tend to throw one back. Here’s a short list of the few that are our favorites, for both the celebrity-spotting potential and the amazing drinks and atmosphere.

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Secrets for Nashville Luxury Living

The journey from just starting out in a new job to earning a comfortable living can be a rocky one. The ups and downs of the economy, the strain of learning new skills in the ever-changing technological landscape and the pressures that balancing your work and family lives can bring are all potential pitfalls along the way to security. One thing is for sure though: the spoils of hard work and sacrifice deserve to be enjoyed once they arrive, and indulging in luxury is one way to do it.

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Hot Spots for Celebrity Sightings during Nashville’s 2013 CMA Awards

The 2013 CMA Awards are just over one week away, and that means that Nashville is soon toTootsies Orchid Lounge Sign Nashville be chock full of tourists, talent, and – most importantly – the biggest names in country music. Celebrities love visiting Nashville because of the food, the music, and how respectful residents are of their privacy – you’re not going to find New York or LA’s paparazzi loitering on our streets! However, just because you’re being respectful doesn’t mean you need to avoid your favorite stars! Whether you’re visiting town to see your favorite singers and bands at the Country Music Association Awards or you’re a Nashvillian just hoping to rub elbows with your favorite country artist, if you’re looking to spot a celeb in Nashville next week, these hotspots are your best bets:

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Where to Get the “Country” Experience in Nashville This Fall

Nashville is the kind of place that offers unforgettable experiences year-round, from the huge variety of music venues, amazing restaurants, natural beauty, and otherwise incredible culture. Visitors to Nashville can expect a new experience around every corner, while still getting to enjoy the intimate feel of a city that hasn’t lost its charm. Autumn in Nashville is full of opportunities to experience the country music that made Nashville famous; we’ve got a few great destinations for getting the real country music experience in Music City this fall, and you can make your night of music into a truly special event by booking Nashville car service and arriving to the show in absolute style.

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Downtown Stops for Your Nashville Tour

Finding your way around Nashville can be a challenge if you’ve never been there before. The city is expanding, new residents are moving in all the time, and brand new business are popping up around every corner. Although this widespread progress can only mean good things for the city and it’s loyal citizens, it can be a harrowing journey to a newcomer who wants to create their own tour of Nashville’s hotspots. Everyone has an idea of what they want to see when they come to Nashville, whether it’s country music’s biggest locations, the famous honky tonks, LP Field, or the various must-sees of the burgeoning underground Nashville music scene. Whatever you want to see, there are a few spots that you have to consider before planning the itinerary to your trip.

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Nashville’s Top Five Attractions

Nashville, Tennessee is a place where culture, cuisine and history come together in an enjoyable mix, bringing people from all over the country and world into its folds. Whether you’re interested in country music, the underground music scene, or excellent food, Nashville has something for everyone. So what exactly are Nashville’s top attractions? Here’s a list of the top 5 attractions in Music City.

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