Why Tech Is One of the Hottest Nashville Trends

//Why Tech Is One of the Hottest Nashville Trends

Why Tech Is One of the Hottest Nashville Trends

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This blog was originally published in 2014; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

You’ve heard us preach on Nashville trends before: great music, great food, great city, etc.

Here’s another one that makes Music City a hot commodity: Nashville’s tech scene is on the rise. With a thriving economy, an influx of people moving in and new businesses popping up, the city has a growing need for technological talent. But what specifically makes Nashville so tech-friendly? We’ve listed out some of the main factors below.

1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Nashville’s economy is doing quite well, which feeds the city’s need for tech workers.

The Music City has been mentioned in multiple reports on the fastest-growing tech cities; consider this article from Fast Company on the hottest cities for the ever-expanding tech industry.

Business Climate reported on Music City’s tech scene, as well, noting how entrepreneurs and tech companies from all over are noticing our rising tech culture.

2. Hot Companies

Nashville is hot spot for start-ups. From marketing to healthcare to music, there are tons of new companies laying down roots in Music City, and all of them are on the lookout for tech professionals.

Healthcare has been a huge boon for the city. In fact, the industry contributes nearly $40 billion to the city’s economy! A ton of those jobs are in IT and tech support, bringing talented tech professionals from all over the world.

The Jumpstart Foundry, founded by entrepreneur Vic Gatto, helps Nashville startups on the road to success with a rigorous multi-week program. Admission to the program is selective, however; only 10 startups are selected per year.

3. Plenty of Educational Opportunities

Nashville’s need for more tech workers is so great that it led to the birth of Nashville Software School, a six-month training program where individuals attend classes full-time in order to learn languages like HTML and CSS, Java, Ruby on the Rails and Python.

The school has a placement program that connects graduates to employers throughout the city, and should graduates choose to work at an approved company, they’ll be reimbursed part of their tuition. For younger students (ages 12 to 18), there’s also Tennessee Code Academy, a coding bootcamp held across the state.

4. Lots of Networking Opportunities, Too

Nashville’s tech force can also turn to many different groups for networking, support and new ideas.

  • The Nashville Technology Council, for example, promotes education and networking opportunities.
  • Geek Breakfast, a Nashville-born concept that has spread all over the country, gathers digital marketers together to eat pancakes and talk shop on a regular basis.
  • Meanwhile, BarCamp Nashville takes place every year, serving as an “unconference” for developers, software specialists and tech entrepreneurs.

5. Fringe Benefits

Of course, those who come to Nashville also enjoy all the things that have helped the city make waves over the past few years.

For families, there’s the low-cost of living and the lack of an income tax.

For young professionals, there’s a vibrant cultural scene and a collection of young adults, thanks to the city’s universities.

And of course, there’s the benefits of getting big-town amenities, balanced by the charms of living in a smaller town—friendly people, a laidback atmosphere, etc.

The population figure for the Nashville region is projected to grow by more than one million by year 2035.

And as technology grows at an equally rapid clip, it’s safe to say that Nashville’s tech community will become bigger, faster and stronger.

It’s just reason no. 234 that Nashville is a great place to be.

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