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10 Things You Need to Do in Nashville

Are you planning to visit Nashville for the Holiday Season and want to make sure that you check out all the must-see places that “Music City” has to offer? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. Since Nashville is our home, it should come as no surprise that our professional chauffeurs are familiar with the most amazing spots that you can visit in Nashville. From the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to the Frist Art Museum, we can take you on a tour that you will never forget.

#1 Go Barhopping on Broadway

If there is one thing that all Nashville residents will agree about, it has to be the fact that Broadway is the heart of the city. Broadway is an incredible-looking neighborhood that is packed with bars, clubs, shops, saloons, and restaurants where you can have a fun time. If you love the nightlife, you are going to have a blast visiting Broadway. Once the sun goes down, the live music starts playing in the clubs, and people from all over the city come here for a memorable night.

#2 See a Show at the Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is located right in the center of Nashville, and here is where people can enjoy live music from popular artists. There’s always an amazing concert scheduled in the Ryman Auditorium, and we highly recommend everyone who visits Nashville to get tickets to a show because the experience is fantastic. It’s also worth mentioning that Ryman Auditorium is an iconic venue where the world’s most famous stars such as Johhny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Hank Williams have performed here.

#3 Check Out the Parthenon

Have you always dreamed about visiting Rome but couldn’t find the time to travel across the world? Well, you can get a feel for what Rome’s gladiator arenas look and feel like by visiting the Parthenon. Checking out the Parthenon is at the top of everyone’s “must-do” lists when visiting Nashville, and there is no doubt about that. The Parthenon was built back in 1897, and it houses hundreds of paintings, texts, and statues from that era.

#4 Take a Picture in Cumberland Park

If you are looking for the best view in Music City, you might be surprised to find out that it’s not on a skyscraper. Instead, the best view in Nashville is in Cumberland Park. The park is located next to the Cumberland riverfront. This is a 700-mile waterway that travels through Tennessee and Kentucky. To make things even more impressive, the park is located next to a bridge, and it has a scene for live concerts and theater right in the middle.

#5 Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

People from all over the world visit Nashville to check out the places where famous records like Etta James’ Rocks the House or Icky Thump by the White Stripes were recorded. However, there is one place that all music fans explore when they visit Nashville. We are talking about the Country Music Hall of Fame. No matter if you love listening to Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton, visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must!

#6 Experience the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

Even though Nashville is famous for music, this doesn’t mean that great live performances are the only thing you will find here. For example, visiting the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory and taking a closer look at the sky is one of the most amazing things you can do in Nashville. Did you know that the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory is one of the biggest astronomy centers in Tennessee? If you are visiting Nashville in the summer, you should be pleased to know that the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory hosts all sorts of events, especially during eclipses.

#7 Take a Walk on the John Seigenthaler Bridge

Remember the bridge that we mentioned is located next to Cumberland Park? Well, the John Seigenthaler Bridge is one of Nashville’s top touristic attractions. This is all thanks to the incredible view that you can get while taking a stroll on the bridge. Make sure to bring a camera or have your smartphone ready to take a selfie or group picture on the John Seigenthaler Bridge because the view is jaw-dropping!

#8 Family Fun at the Nashville Zoo

Finding an activity that the entire family likes can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, here is where the Nashville Zoo comes in to save the day. The zoo is located about 6 miles away from downtown Nashville, and it holds the title of being the country’s 9th largest zoo. You will be able to see 3,000 animals that represent 350+ different species. In addition, there are daily camps and classes that are designed to teach kids lessons about animals while also playing games and having fun.

#9 Tour the Jack Daniel’s Distillery 

Are you looking for a fun and educative experience while visiting Nashville? If that is the case, we highly recommend touring Jack Daniel’s Distillery that is located in Lynchburg. The tour lasts for a couple of hours, and it includes highlights such as sampling limited-edition whiskeys, learning about the Tennessee culture, and finding out how one of the world’s most famous whiskeys is made. Make sure to book professional transportation if visiting the distillery so that no one has to worry about being the designated driver.

#10 See the Cups and Jerseys at the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

We saved the best for last! The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is one of the most popular locations in Nashville for tourists. The museum celebrates all athletes from Tennessee, and it displays their jerseys, helmets, and pads. To top it all off, the gear exposed at the museum can be used for photo ops. The kids are going to love wearing Manning’s jersey!

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