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Best Nashville Distillery Tours

Tennessee is known for good music and maybe even better whiskey. After 2009, it became legal to distill spirits outside of Lincoln, Coffee, and Moore counties in Tennessee. Both bringing great whiskeys back to Tennessee and creating incredible new tours throughout the state.

Enjoy old and new drinking traditions in Nashville, and learn about the history, tradition while you sample the best whiskey in Tennessee on a personalized distillery tour. Spend the day sampling whiskeys with friends and family at Tennessee’s best distilleries in Lynchburg, Franklin, Thompson's Station, Nashville, and more.

Here are some of our favorite distilleries in Tennessee:

Jack Daniels Distillery

Easily the most recognizable and iconic whiskey brands in world, the Jack Daniels distillery is located in Lynchburg, TN, about 90 miles from Nashville. The distillery offers several themed tours including a tasting tour, and sample Old. No. 7 and Gentleman Jack as well as lesser-known products like Tennessee Fire and Tennessee Honey.

H Clark Distillery

This micro-distillery is passionate about bourbon. Located in Thompson's Station, you can see how spirits were made the old-fashioned way including down to the lined garbage cans! H Clark Distillery creates hand-labeled batches of its Whiskey, Black & Tan, and Tennessee Bourbon spirits.

Corsair Distillery

Corsair Distillery got its start by two childhood friends brewing beer and wine in their garage. Now this Internationally award-winning distillery has two trendy locations in Nashville. Unique offerings include everything from quinoa whiskey to pumpkin spice moonshine.

Leiper's Fork Distillery

Leiper’s Fork Whiskey offers something a little different. Their whiskey has a larger percentage of barley than most Tennessee whiskeys, closer to whiskeys from Scotland and Ireland. Distilled in a 200-year-old barn, Leiper’s Fork brings a more historical frontier tradition to Nashville suburbs.

Pennington Distillery

Formerly known as SPEAKeasy Spirits, there’s always a good time at Pennington Distillery in Nashville. They offer a variety of spirits and super fun whiskey tours in an old airplane hanger. Walk through their facility and experience every step in their process, from grinding the grain to bottling finished products.

George Dickel Distillery

Located in rural Tennessee, George Dickel Distillery is 140-years-old that follows in the Scottish tradition including spelling without the E in Whisky. Today George Dickel offers a wide range of whiskys including an aged 90 proof and the Hot Dickel, a spicy Tabasco hot sauce-infused whisky.

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

Green Brier has been distilling way back before prohibition and Jack Daniels. The distillery now offers whiskeys and bourbons inspired by the pre-Prohibition past.

Enjoy your time in Tennessee, but remember to drive safe! Want a whiskey tour of Tennessee? Our tour company, Whiskey Trail Tours, offers a selection of distillery tours in Nashville or book a custom tour through Signature.

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