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Black History Month in Music City: Events and Happenings

The month of February marks an important period in which we remember the hardships that African American individuals have gone through, and we recognize the challenges they still have to face on a daily basis.

Fortunately, a lot of public figures and businesses come together during Black History Month to put a spotlight on the matter and bring educational events to the public. Our Nashville transportation service is available at your disposal to take you to each and every venue and event. Furthermore, Music City provides visitors with a variety of unique events and landmarks that aim to celebrate Black culture and history!

#1 Scarritt Bennett Center

Scarritt Bennet Center is a great place to go to pay your respects to the brave men and women that fought for their independence. During Black History Month, the Chapel puts on weekly 35-minute worship services commemorating the African American community. The Center has supported similar initiatives in the past, such as the highly-acclaimed video series "A Black History Moment with..." that showcases African American voices which need to be heard.

#2 Tennessee State Museum

Here you will find informative and immersive exhibitions on the topic of Black History, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movements in Tennessee all year-round. These are all worth a visit to get in touch with the local history of African American people.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the happenings at that time, you can check out the temporary exhibition "Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote," which puts the focus on the brave women that fought for the rights of African American women during an uncertain time.

#3 The National Museum of African American Music

While the State Museum will help you understand the adversities they faced, the NMAAM is the perfect place to visit in order to appreciate African American culture. More specifically, the museum, which was inaugurated in 2021, looks at the way African Americans have influenced all genres of American music. Be sure to check out the intimate interviews under the name of "My Music Matters" with artists and academics that aim to showcase their personal perspectives of the industry.

#4 The Wedge Building

The Nashville Black Market comes out every year with its Black History Month Celebration event held at the Wedge Building. Here, you can enjoy live music, eat delicious food and quench your thirst with a refreshing drink, all while discovering and supporting over 60 Black-owned businesses.

#5 Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Nashville would not be called Music City if it wasn't filled with exciting music events all throughout the year. During this special time, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center's Disco Fever is a must-visit event. The Nashville Symphony is accompanied once again by the Grammy-winning vocalist Gregory Porter, a resounding voice both on and off stage. Listen to some of the greatest hits of the '70s and enjoy the soulful renditions brought to you by African American artists.

Whether you want to get more acquainted with the history, or you want to acknowledge and celebrate African American culture today, you will find plenty of well-organized events in Nashville. You can count on premium car service to help you put together a premium Black History Month tour of all these iconic destinations.

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