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Volvo S90


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Safety is always the highest priority here at Signature Transportation Services. Since the Volvo brand is renowned for making the world's safest vehicles, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we have added the company's top-end sedan to our fleet. The Volvo S 90 is a premium sedan model that offers access to a plethora of luxury amenities and safety features that are designed to provide the passengers with a comfortable experience. Our clients love the sophisticated interior design of the Volvo S 90, especially since the seats are super comfortable. The vehicle offers cozy leather seats that are electrically adjustable and feature built-in ventilation.

The Volvo S 90 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Long gone are the days of asking the professional chauffeur to hand you the aux cord. Instead, you can now use the built-in Google Assistant support for the entertainment system. You can simply say "Hey Google" and give vocal commands to the system. Leaving the innovative technology aside, another feature that makes the Volvo S 90 one of the most popular vehicles choices in our fleet is the air filter system. The vehicle uses a special air filter that makes sure you get clean air at all times. Pair this with the noise cancellation technology, and you are guaranteed a relaxing ride. That's not all. The rear seats offer more legroom than you can ask for.

Vehicle Amenities
  • Leather Seating;
  • Innovative entertainment system;
  • Next-gen safety features;
  • Premium suspension;
  • Window shades;
  • Built-in air filter;
  • USB ports.
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Volvo S90
Volvo S90

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